Friday, August 5, 2011

the spider at night...this could be scary but its not!

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So now we all know...if you want to take a picture of a web, take it at night! As you can see, she is spending the time to consume her web (she is big, which should indicate she is female) and rebuild it. This may not be the most amazing thing you have even seen but to me it is remarkable. Remember, she did only use her own body to construct it. Since my last name begins with a "D" and I am weird about initials, we have decided none of our children will have "V" names (the initials would be VD, not cool in my mind). Since this is the case...she will have a dreamy "V" name (my two favorite)...Viola Valentina the American house spider (after a little Internet time...I believe this is what she is or any orb weaver...which is kind of an awesome thing to be). Now I just hope she is okay with the fact that I took pictures late at night of her and her lovely web. Viola Valentina..."Please stay here!"

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