Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The little guys farmer style

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We all really love spending time in the garden and with our girls but I think the little guy loves it most. He is a real outdoor kid...just loves being outside. I always have him wear a hat to keep him protected from the sun and he always wears boots because it is usually very muddy, he just loves wearing them.

Hat-REI, Shirt-handmedown, Shorts-target, Boots-Western Chief

As I have said before he is pretty hard to get a good picture of...luckily this time he was enjoying it and wanted me to keep taking his picture. He had to grab a rock and pose with it of course.

We are linking up with Mama loves papa today for small style. :)


Karen said...

Cowboy boots are next on Baca's list...we have a dear 3 yr old cowboy who must be near to outgrowing his. He wore them to church Sunday with his cowboy hat, pirate sword and tie, of course.

erica @ expatriababy said...

Those boots are just adorable! Fun and practicality all rolled into one!

ingrid said...

What a cute little outdoor adventurer! I love those boots.

Morgan said...

Oh man, he is SO cute! And quite the little outdoorsman! :)

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