Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/7-8/14 2011

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I just found out about this awesomeness from Urban veggie garden and loved the idea. We are linking up with daphnes dandelions for our first Harvest monday! Yes we added one week it will be only one week.

One tiny Japanese eggplant and tomatoes (only 7 pictured, we harvested many more)

Soybeans, even more tomatoes, one zucchini

west African millet, drying (we harvested more than pictured) it will be made into beer

Sunflowers, kale, more tomatoes

more zucchini and a sunflower

Mohawk tobacco

Yukon gold potatoes, bell peppers and a few bay leaves, and more tomatoes, soybeans, and millet

more tomatoes, bell peepers and zucchini
again...more tomatoes

we had to take out a couple of tomato and zucchini plants so we have some green tomatoes to work with and some large zucchinis to make into bread or treats for the chickens

and again more tomatoes...we do have about 75+ tomato plants left
Happy Monday!


kitsapFG said...

Welcome to Daphne's Harvest Monday fun! Totally envious of your tomato harvests. Our summer season has been exceptionally cool this year and while we are getting tomatoes.. they are coming in in dribs and drabs and nothing of sufficient volume for preserving.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Great Harvest! Very cool with the Millet!! Welcome to Harvest Mondays!!

Barbie said...

Looks like you are ready to do some canning! Welcome to Harvest Mondays! Where are you located?

TEAM DEAN said...

Thank you all so much for the feedback! I am currently having problems commenting on other blogs and working on trying to get it worked out. Sorry that i have not commented on your blogs...I want to! we are in northern California.

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