Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/23-8/29 2011

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Tomatoes...of course.

more tomatoes...I'm getting a bit sick of taking photos of them since we harvest at least a basket a day.

Our first ear of corn and first really red bell pepper and of course many more tomatoes.

Green bell peppers

Yukon Gold potatoes

We picked up some Celosia last weekend at the market and I noticed the other day that it was dropping its I quickly grabbed a cookie sheet to save all the seeds for next years garden.
We wanted to start by saying sorry to all the other Harvest Monday blogger's. We are trying to get the comment problem fixed. We are not able to comment on some of your blogs due to some blogger issue.

This week was full of tomatoes, making sauce and working on planting for our fall/winter garden. We ended up with so many cherry tomatoes that we decided to dehydrate them. We didn't plant any cherry tomatoes this year but we ended up with 6 or 7 volunteers. I was worried that with the 75+ tomatoes plants we would not be able to keep up and would end up throwing a lot out but I'm happy because so far we have not really had a problem. After canning last weekend double batch of sauce we are now at 87 pints! We just found a place in town that sells half gallon canning jars and picked some up so we could can some sauce as Christmas gifts for our family.

I spotted the first pumkin yesterday...I hope we have enough for the little guy to crave a couple for Halloween. We are linking up with Daphnes dandelions for Harvest monday! Happy Monday!


Allison at Novice Life said...

WOW! I wish I had that many 'maters! I just canned 10# of Roma's and got 3 qts and 1 pt!

Bee Girl said...

I'm completely jealous of all those tomatoes you're raking in!!! They're gorgeous! I have been harvesting mine steadily, but still have not had enough at any given time to preserve much of anything.

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