Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The list for fall/ the garden & our favorite local seed source.

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This will be our first year planting a fall/winter garden. We plan on making a temporary greenhouse/frost protection to give everything a better chance. We always want to add something new to the garden every season.

I am loving the idea of planting lots of lettuce but sad that the heirloom tomatoes will be gone by the time it is ready. I am learning to be better about eating will take me time to grow accustom to it but I feel it is worth it. The food from the garden is so so much could I resist?

I think the thing I have the hardest time with is tomatoes (which will never really change) and celery (for soups), that is why we have decided to try the celeriac this year. I heard it is easier to keep/store and has a very close favor.

Here is what we have decided to plant in the garden:

Yellow Granex hybrid Onion (purchased by the Doctors mom in Hawaii)

From Annie's heirloom seeds (a company our sister-in-law uses)

Danish Ballhead Cabbage
Giant Musselburgh Leek
Giant of Prague Celeriac
Giant Winter Spinach
Harris Model Parsnip
Kettle River Giant Garlic
Mother of Pearl Garlic
Music Garlic
Siberian Red Garlic
Violet of Sicily Cauliflower
Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
Waltham Broccoli
Annie's Beet Blend (Detroit Dark Red, Burpee's Golden, Chioggia, and Cylindra)

From our favorite local seed source, Redwood organic farm:

Deer Tongue lettuce
Red romaine
Red chard
Red winter kale
Purple dragon carrots
Sugar magnolia snap peas vine
Chesnook Red Garlic
Elephant Garlic

Kalan Redwood, from Redwood Seeds says, "It is great to hear how our seeds do and when I think about how much food we possibly send out into the world it kind of blows my mind." We feel like we are creating a long term relationship with this company and love that they are local and have the same ideals.

We are really excited to try a fall/winter garden this year and learn more about gardening...more blog posts to come on this adventure.


Charity said...

You get on down with your bad self! I love your ambition. Hope the new garden is fruitful and successful. :) Thanks for the links!

Haley Johnson said...

So great! You must be really busy harvesting all of your produce right now, I can't wait to see what you can harvest this fall/winter!

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