Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 4

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I love love love this challenge. As of right now I am already planning next year! I really want to start even earlier..mid may and keep it up til the end of the Sseko's 30/30 challenge in mid Sept. Yeah Tirzah! Congrats to the winner of week 2! I love all the awesome ties you came up with and I plan on trying some of them next week. For some reason I was extra inspired this week. I'm lucky because this week is peoples choice week in the facebook contest. First like Sseko's facebook page, then click the like button under the pictures this week if you like the ties. The fans and people participating in the contest are all so creative. I hope you like my ties because I need your help to win! My brain won't quit when it comes to Sseko ties as of late...

Tie 24- Double Knot Cross over

Tie 25- Cardinal Slip on-it reminds me of a compass for some reason, even though it has five points for direction.

Tie 26- Figure 8 SSK(stopper sailor knot) slingback

Tie 27- Double Twist x2

Tie 28- My variation of Aggie's Butterfly tie (not a great picture)

Tie 29- Maritime Slingback- It reminds me of one those life saving rings you would throw to someone who fell overboard. I feel the Starboard strap is the only one that can give any nautical inspired tie justice.

And finally...

Tie 30!- Togo tie (my favorite tie of the week, and favorite so far!)

I made it to Day 30!  I also managed to show off 30 different ties! My favorite tie of all (so far) is the Togo tie!

The Doctor (my hubby) spent four years in Africa with Peace Corps. He is awesome and let me use some of the country cloth he brought back from Togo (in West Africa) to create these straps.

They ended up being almost twice as long as the others but I still managed to come up with something unique! This is not only my favorite tie because of the straps but because of the tie I came up with! Its simple, cute, comfy, supportive and easy to slip on and tie!

Don't worry I'm not done yet...I plan on finishing out the Sseko 30/30 challenge by adding an extra 15 days and 15 ties...

PS: I have been asked for instructions and I promise I will get something up soon. I plan on taking pic after pic of how to and posting them all soon.

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Crisaquarius said...

I love these challenges except fo the fact that no one posts instructions???

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