Wednesday, August 31, 2011

homeschooling a preschooler

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We are taking our time to decide if we will be homeschooling or public/charter/private schooling the little guy but I wanted to start something with him at home to challenge him a little more. I started searching on the Internet and got a bit overwhelmed to be honest. This is what I finally came up with. It is very simple and easy but it gives us a focus for the week.

simple and easy...cork board with pockets
I put together a cork board with pockets for each category, which I will change out each week. We will focus everything(reading, puzzles, coloring, crafts, etc.) on the five things of the week. The category: Things we do everyday will of course not change. I plan on showing it to him on weekdays (we've started with three days a week) and then we will go on with our day. I will use it to focus on those things...pointing out the circle if it circle week for example.


Things we do everyday: brush teeth, listen, clean up, make our bed, get dressed, go potty, eat healthy, sharing, etc. I added this so we have a daily routine that he can look at and check off as he goes. Plus it enforces good daily habits.

Letters: A-Z adding three words for each, I choose some words he didn't know and some he knows but doesn't pronounce correctly.

Numbers: 0-20 adding the number in dots below. I just found this website that has printable letter and number flash cards, after I made them all of course.

Shapes/Colors: square, diamond, star, circle, rectangle, oval, heart, triangle, crescent, green, blue, red, yellow, black, white, brown, purple, pink, orange, and grey.

Animals: I came up with 26 (how many letters we have) that we had at least two examples of at home (from a book, toy, in the back yard, etc.).

Themes: up/down, tall/short, hard/soft, hot/cold, day/night, little/big, family, feelings, farm, jungle, transportation, body parts, plants, ocean, music, neighborhood, weather, emergency personal, forest/river and meals/utensils.

Sub-themes: birthday, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and seasons.

Most programs have you do 26 to go along with how many letters but I plan on rotating the themes and using the sub-themes the weeks surrounding the holiday, weather pattern or season. I also felt that we should work on things he needs to know not add extras to make the amount work out.

Two websites I found helpful in creating our program:
Letter of the week
Our preschool homeschool

I also got a lot of help from my mom, who ran a daycare when I was a child. So far we are starting our third week and he seems to be really enjoying it. I have already noticed a few things that he has learned and a few things he is now pronouncing better. I will also post some of the crafts, science projects, games, etc. we come up with along the way.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 4

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I love love love this challenge. As of right now I am already planning next year! I really want to start even earlier..mid may and keep it up til the end of the Sseko's 30/30 challenge in mid Sept. Yeah Tirzah! Congrats to the winner of week 2! I love all the awesome ties you came up with and I plan on trying some of them next week. For some reason I was extra inspired this week. I'm lucky because this week is peoples choice week in the facebook contest. First like Sseko's facebook page, then click the like button under the pictures this week if you like the ties. The fans and people participating in the contest are all so creative. I hope you like my ties because I need your help to win! My brain won't quit when it comes to Sseko ties as of late...

Tie 24- Double Knot Cross over

Tie 25- Cardinal Slip on-it reminds me of a compass for some reason, even though it has five points for direction.

Tie 26- Figure 8 SSK(stopper sailor knot) slingback

Tie 27- Double Twist x2

Tie 28- My variation of Aggie's Butterfly tie (not a great picture)

Tie 29- Maritime Slingback- It reminds me of one those life saving rings you would throw to someone who fell overboard. I feel the Starboard strap is the only one that can give any nautical inspired tie justice.

And finally...

Tie 30!- Togo tie (my favorite tie of the week, and favorite so far!)

I made it to Day 30!  I also managed to show off 30 different ties! My favorite tie of all (so far) is the Togo tie!

The Doctor (my hubby) spent four years in Africa with Peace Corps. He is awesome and let me use some of the country cloth he brought back from Togo (in West Africa) to create these straps.

They ended up being almost twice as long as the others but I still managed to come up with something unique! This is not only my favorite tie because of the straps but because of the tie I came up with! Its simple, cute, comfy, supportive and easy to slip on and tie!

Don't worry I'm not done yet...I plan on finishing out the Sseko 30/30 challenge by adding an extra 15 days and 15 ties...

PS: I have been asked for instructions and I promise I will get something up soon. I plan on taking pic after pic of how to and posting them all soon.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/23-8/29 2011

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Tomatoes...of course.

more tomatoes...I'm getting a bit sick of taking photos of them since we harvest at least a basket a day.

Our first ear of corn and first really red bell pepper and of course many more tomatoes.

Green bell peppers

Yukon Gold potatoes

We picked up some Celosia last weekend at the market and I noticed the other day that it was dropping its I quickly grabbed a cookie sheet to save all the seeds for next years garden.
We wanted to start by saying sorry to all the other Harvest Monday blogger's. We are trying to get the comment problem fixed. We are not able to comment on some of your blogs due to some blogger issue.

This week was full of tomatoes, making sauce and working on planting for our fall/winter garden. We ended up with so many cherry tomatoes that we decided to dehydrate them. We didn't plant any cherry tomatoes this year but we ended up with 6 or 7 volunteers. I was worried that with the 75+ tomatoes plants we would not be able to keep up and would end up throwing a lot out but I'm happy because so far we have not really had a problem. After canning last weekend double batch of sauce we are now at 87 pints! We just found a place in town that sells half gallon canning jars and picked some up so we could can some sauce as Christmas gifts for our family.

I spotted the first pumkin yesterday...I hope we have enough for the little guy to crave a couple for Halloween. We are linking up with Daphnes dandelions for Harvest monday! Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a new vintage cookbook

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Copyrighted, 1915-By Larkin Co.~Received (by previous owner) Nov. 27th 1917~Price, 25 cents.

To the woman who takes pride in serving tasty and attractive dishes, who delights in placing on her table "Good Things to Eat," who wishes to have the means of "variety" ever at her command, this Cook Book will be a valuable and constant adviser.-It is interesting to note that is contains recipes from North, South, East, and West; the favorite recipes of practical and experienced housewives. No recipes were accepted from professional cooks but all from the homes of our many customers. We believe that this book will prove unique on account of the immense variety given.-Here will be found an answer to the question that is ever perplexing the housewife-what to serve for the coming meal. Here she will find the most valuable suggestions that will enable her to prepare, in a great variety and in a practical and economical way, delicious and appetizing dishes that will be a source of real satisfaction and extreme delight to those in her home who truly appreciate "Good Things to Eat."


Oh and thanks to my impressive mom, who knows me well and picked this up for me at a yard sale...then because she is more awesome than your mom, shipped it to me, along with fun stuff for Gnar, the doctor and me. Be on the look out for new and most likely, interesting recipes from this cookbook!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The list for fall/ the garden & our favorite local seed source.

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This will be our first year planting a fall/winter garden. We plan on making a temporary greenhouse/frost protection to give everything a better chance. We always want to add something new to the garden every season.

I am loving the idea of planting lots of lettuce but sad that the heirloom tomatoes will be gone by the time it is ready. I am learning to be better about eating will take me time to grow accustom to it but I feel it is worth it. The food from the garden is so so much could I resist?

I think the thing I have the hardest time with is tomatoes (which will never really change) and celery (for soups), that is why we have decided to try the celeriac this year. I heard it is easier to keep/store and has a very close favor.

Here is what we have decided to plant in the garden:

Yellow Granex hybrid Onion (purchased by the Doctors mom in Hawaii)

From Annie's heirloom seeds (a company our sister-in-law uses)

Danish Ballhead Cabbage
Giant Musselburgh Leek
Giant of Prague Celeriac
Giant Winter Spinach
Harris Model Parsnip
Kettle River Giant Garlic
Mother of Pearl Garlic
Music Garlic
Siberian Red Garlic
Violet of Sicily Cauliflower
Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
Waltham Broccoli
Annie's Beet Blend (Detroit Dark Red, Burpee's Golden, Chioggia, and Cylindra)

From our favorite local seed source, Redwood organic farm:

Deer Tongue lettuce
Red romaine
Red chard
Red winter kale
Purple dragon carrots
Sugar magnolia snap peas vine
Chesnook Red Garlic
Elephant Garlic

Kalan Redwood, from Redwood Seeds says, "It is great to hear how our seeds do and when I think about how much food we possibly send out into the world it kind of blows my mind." We feel like we are creating a long term relationship with this company and love that they are local and have the same ideals.

We are really excited to try a fall/winter garden this year and learn more about gardening...more blog posts to come on this adventure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 3

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I am so excited to be apart of the Sseko movement and happy for the lovely Ashley, the first weeks winner in Sskeo's 30 days 30 ways challenge! Congrats to Ashley! I have decided to try and push myself to come up with 45 different won't be hard with help from all the wonderful Sseko fans! This is what I came up with this week:

Tie 17- Classic Revisited another variation of the classic that I came up with.

Tie 18- Bohannon's Best Tie

Tie 19- The Grecian two strap ( my fave of this week)

Tie 20- Aggie's Butterfly Tie

Tie 21- Simple ZigZag

Tie 22- The Double cross

Tie 23- The Goddess two strap

I think the Grecian and the Goddess would be so fun for a wedding party. You could use the base color, say ivory and contrast with the main/bold color, say purple! So fun and pretty!

I am a mommy so most of the time I use one of my fave and memorized ties during outings...its quick, easy and supportive and then during nap time I get creative! Of course I complete all my mommy/wife duties like canning, weeding, cleaning, prepping dinner, and etc. This is one of my outlets...I know a little silly but mommies out there know what I mean. I'm a proud Sseko fan!

PS: I had two Sseko sandal dreams this far! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/15-8/22 2011

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We are linking up with daphnes dandelions for Harvest Monday!

Tomatoes and zucchini

More zucchini

more tomatoes

making sauce and showing more tomatoes

making zucchini pickles...recipe to follow in a few weeks

our busy stove top...reducing sauce, making more sauce, and canning the zucchini pickles.
I didn't add all the pictures of tomatoes this week because it seemed a little boring...but there were about 4 more full baskets that we harvested. I also forgot to get a picture of the green bell peppers we harvest...only 4. This weekend we started making sauce and realized that we were going to have to make two batches when the pot was full and we had only cut a little under half of the tomatoes. We are at 63 pints of marinara sauce this year so far and that is not counting the two batches of sauce we made this weekend...I still have not canned them because one is still on the stove. We also had some extra zucchini, like everyone does, so we decided to try a zucchini pickles recipe. I'm also proud to share that for the first time in about two months my entire kitchen counter isn't covered in tomatoes...only 11! yeah!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The little guy Style

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Shortalls-Oshkosh B'gosh, shirt-handmedown, socks-?
The little guy has a bit of an obsession with hats...just like his dad the Doctor. This one in particular is his new favorite and it makes him look pretty silly.

Hat-handmade in Africa
We are linking up with mamalovespapa today for small style...check it out to see more cute little ones!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 2

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The 30 days 30 ways Facebook Challenge started yesterday and I have decided to continue my challenge through Sept 13th! Join in on the fun and you could be a lucky winner of free straps for a year!

Top-left to right:
Tie 9- My variation of Robinah's Diagonal Bow Tie

Bottom-left to right:
Tie 13- Bow tie Beauty
Tie 14- Two Strap Braided Classic
Tie15- Stellar Tie
Tie 16- Two Strap Double Bow tie

I am really loving this challenge, my feet are enjoying it too. Sseko's are comfortable and I have completely lost my terrible sandal tan! YEAH! A few tips from the Sseko facebook crew for care of your straps...

Just throw the solid straps in the wash. And a hint; use a hair straightener after they dry them to make them nice and flat. The pattern straps can usually machine wash, but you need to test them for color fastness first and the specialty straps we recommend you spot clean.

PS: Chico ladies Bridging The Gap By Giving has Sseko's!

PSS: You should also check out Sseko's blog and my lil' sisters blog! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/7-8/14 2011

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I just found out about this awesomeness from Urban veggie garden and loved the idea. We are linking up with daphnes dandelions for our first Harvest monday! Yes we added one week it will be only one week.

One tiny Japanese eggplant and tomatoes (only 7 pictured, we harvested many more)

Soybeans, even more tomatoes, one zucchini

west African millet, drying (we harvested more than pictured) it will be made into beer

Sunflowers, kale, more tomatoes

more zucchini and a sunflower

Mohawk tobacco

Yukon gold potatoes, bell peppers and a few bay leaves, and more tomatoes, soybeans, and millet

more tomatoes, bell peepers and zucchini
again...more tomatoes

we had to take out a couple of tomato and zucchini plants so we have some green tomatoes to work with and some large zucchinis to make into bread or treats for the chickens

and again more tomatoes...we do have about 75+ tomato plants left
Happy Monday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The little guy Style

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Orange shirt-Hanna Anderson(gift), Plaid shorts-target I think(gift)
After a long chase, this is what we ended up with. As you can see we lost a shoe along the way. I asked him to smile and this is what he did. Then he promptly ran and hid in his make shift fort.

I'm going to hide now so you stop trying to take my picture.

Last week I went to put his shoes on and then didn't all. Then I tried on the boots and I could get them on but when I took them off his feet had marks all over, they were to small too! How does this always happen over night, when your car is broken down? Thank god of online shopping. I also wonder why they don't make kids shoes in half sizes...? So know the little guy has two new pairs of big shoes...I hope they last for at least a couple months. :)

Camo slip ons-Old Navy-on sale!

New boots- Western Chief via Piperlime-on sale!

We are linking up with Mama loves Papa a day late! Check it out for other cute lil' ones.

Monday, August 8, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 1

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Top-left to right:
Tie 4- Star tie (inspired by last years 30 days 30 ways photos on facebook)
The Star Tie was my favorite tie from this week!

Bottom-left to right:

I used my Sseko Starboards and ribbon to re-create this tie.

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