Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 2

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The 30 days 30 ways Facebook Challenge started yesterday and I have decided to continue my challenge through Sept 13th! Join in on the fun and you could be a lucky winner of free straps for a year!

Top-left to right:
Tie 9- My variation of Robinah's Diagonal Bow Tie

Bottom-left to right:
Tie 13- Bow tie Beauty
Tie 14- Two Strap Braided Classic
Tie15- Stellar Tie
Tie 16- Two Strap Double Bow tie

I am really loving this challenge, my feet are enjoying it too. Sseko's are comfortable and I have completely lost my terrible sandal tan! YEAH! A few tips from the Sseko facebook crew for care of your straps...

Just throw the solid straps in the wash. And a hint; use a hair straightener after they dry them to make them nice and flat. The pattern straps can usually machine wash, but you need to test them for color fastness first and the specialty straps we recommend you spot clean.

PS: Chico ladies Bridging The Gap By Giving has Sseko's!

PSS: You should also check out Sseko's blog and my lil' sisters blog! :)

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