Monday, October 3, 2011

Harvest Monday 9/27-10/3 2011

Melon, tomatoes, basil, millet, parsley, and oregano

The little guy with zucchini

our sad carrots, and more tomatoes

A huge zucchini (for pickles) and more tomatoes

again more tomatoes

holstein bush beans (dry/shelling) drying
We spent a lot of time this week in the garden. We pulled out about 5 more tomato plants and really focused on getting things cleaned up. It looks so bare right now out there it makes me a bit sad. Of course to most people 20-30 tomato plants and a whole host of other things would not look bare but in our summer garden we really took every bit of land and used it.

We built three frames to plant things in for the fall/winter garden and we filled the one raised bed we have with as many things as we could. We are going to be creating some hoop houses over the three frames to give everything a better chance. Thanks Stoney Acres for the great info on hoop will definitely help us construct ours this year.

We also transplanted the herbs in to large pots so we are able to pull them in during the cold  nights as needed and re-plant them in a much better place next spring. The second crop of Missouri Bill's pole beans is almost ready to come down and the purple snap peas we just planted a few weeks ago are doing amazing...growing so fast, we attached twine to the stakes to give them help in growing up the fence.

This year has really been an amazing year for us in the garden...we learned so much and I cannot wait to learn from our fall/winter garden. We are linking up with Daphnes Dandelions for Harvest Monday...its so fun to see what people all over are harvesting.


Stoney Acres said...

Wow! Another great week. You guys plant a huge variety of different crops, I'm impressed! About all I have left producing from the summer garden is tomatoes.

Thanks so much for the link back to my winter gardening posts. Good luck with your winter gardening, you will have a lot of fun doing. Let me know if I can help. I may not be an expert yet but I'm for sure a winter gardening fanatic!

Madame C said...

What a lovely harvest you have got this week! Lovely:)

Have a lovely week,
Cesar's Garden

Barbie said...

I know what you mean it seems EVERY plant has it's place and when it comes out it simply seems lonely there.

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