Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Monday 10/11-10/17 2011



and more tomatoes
our last zucchini

Red Romaine, our son pulled this whole plant out when I had my back turned.
Last week We made more sauce and I thought it was going to be our last batch but as you can see it looks like we will have a few more batches this year. We pulled down about 10-15 tomato plants and pulled off all the green ones. We have not yet decided what we are going to do with them but as you can see some of them are ripening. We still have about 18-20 tomato plants still going and they are still producing. We had a little warm up this week and it helped to ripening at lot of tomatoes. We are pulling out the last zucchini plant sometime this week because it is finally not producing. I'm excited for our new adventure in fall/winter gardening but I will hopefully be able to continue posting harvest Mondays!

We are linking up with daphne's dandelions for Harvest Monday!

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kitsapFG said...

Lucky you still getting tomatoes in that quantity! Enjoy them while they last.

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