Monday, October 31, 2011

Harvest Monday 10/25-10/31 2011

Kale, spinach, deertongue and red romaine lettuce salad. We had 3-4 this week.

More tomatoes

Happy Halloween everyone! We have been eating salads all week long trying to eat from the backyard instead of buying from the store. We are still getting tomatoes but they are taking a long time to really ripen and we end up losing a lot of them before they are ready. I think we will be able to make one or two more batch of sauce. Our awesome neighbors brought us a whole bucket of pomegrantes and we will be making something out of them later this week.

In other news, yesterday I found 4 eggs in the chicken coop! Two of them were in the new nesting box we put in and the other two were where they normally are, where South and West always lay. So this means we probably have all four girls laying. I was lazy the last few days about getting eggs, so it may be that the day before I didn't check the nesting box and we only have three girls laying. I guess we will find out later today! :)

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Stoney Acres said...

Hooray!!! It's great to know all your hens are hard at work! We have 6 hens and we are still waiting for that elusive 6 egg day. We have had several 5 egg days in the last week including yesterday, but still no solid proof that all 6 are laying. I suspect we still have one free loader in our mists.

Shanon Hilton said...

Stopping by via Daphne's!! Lucky you and the pomegrantes!

Emily said...

Nice harvest. We have hens that just started laying last month. Out of our 4 hens we have one hold out that isn't laying yet. With the snow on the ground, she may not start until spring.

kitsapFG said...

Fresh salads are such a treat this time of year. Crisp and sweet. Good job to your hens for their ramp up in production.

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