Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winners for our first giveaway!

As promised the first winner with the almost (well pretty much) correct guess is...

Emily from greens and jeans!

We "sun" dried some cherry tomatoes and late at night I turned off the oven and just left them. The next day my hubby (the doctor) pre-heated the oven...a few minutes later...well we all know what happened. :)

We promised a second winner and random.org tells us its...

#3-they look like elderberries to me. I'm liking you on facebook and I'd like to come see your homestead sometime soon-Claire (by the way Claire...we would love for you to come and see our homestead too!)

We loved all the guesses...so much fun! Winners: please email me at violastitchstudio@live.com with your address! If the winners do not contact me within a week, I will choose a new winner. (I emailed you both) :)

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