Monday, November 14, 2011

Harvest Monday 11/8-11/14 2011

lots of oregano, set out to dry

four eggs a day pretty much every day
We also had salad this week from the garden a few times, a mix of red romaine, deertongue lettuce, red kale, and claytonia. The swiss chard is coming back nicely since its weird unidentified disease. We also harvest herbs for all our dinners straight out of the garden every night. Our mache is finally almost big enough to harvest a bit, I cannot wait to have some of it. We have one pumpkin still on the vine and I am holding off as long as I can to harvest it.

I posted a few days ago about how we were told by the county we have 30 days to get rid of our girls. I have been on forums and talking with neighbors trying to find a way around it. This morning I make the call to the county to find out exactly what are options are. We have a back up plan for our girls but I want to fight as hard as we an to keep them here with us. We have a neighbor (she is awesome and gave us a half gallon of raw milk, making butter and cheese today)  around the corner who can keep them with her girls for awhile if we need her to but I hope we don't get to that point.

It is really frustrating because our landlord is happy with them, our neighbors are happy and they are a part of our family. We are not allowed any other animals as pets but were allowed to get chickens so to us they are a pet. It will be hard to explain to the little guy (2.5 years old) where his little girls are. If anyone has any advice, it will be much appreciated. click for the latest update on keeping our girls

We are linking up with daphnes dandelions for Harvest Monday. It is were people from all over the world share their harvest from the week.


Stoney Acres said...

I am so sorry about your hens!! I hope you win your fight. I don't have any experience fighting this type of thing as our lot was zoned for animals. But a fellow blogger that I have had contact with before has. His name is Paul and he lives about 50 miles from me. I know he successfully lobbied his local city to change ordinances to allow both chickens and bees on 1/4 acre lots. His blog address is He isn't doing much blogging at the moment but there is a contact page on his blog. Maybe he can give you some advice.

Norma Chang said...

I too am sorry to learn about your hens and hope you win.

Mary Hysong said...

Well I don't know what's wrong with you having hens when someone around the corner can have milch animals? sounds pretty crazy to me; hope you win. Lovely harvest you've got going on there!

kitsapFG said...

Wishing you luck in your fight to keep the hens. What made them pursue you in the first place if the neighbors are happy? Usually revenue strapped local governments don't do a lot of minor code enforcement unless driven by complaints.

Homesteading Chic said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. I am sorry about your hens. I hope you win. We are not allowed to have hens where we live and it aggravates the dickens out of me! I mean a hen is a LOT quieter than some of the dogs we have around here. I know there use to be a big dog a few houses down that use to keep people awake at nights because they would send him out all night. The city never did anything about that but we can't keep much quieter chickens around. *sigh* It's very frustrating. We are hoping to eventually get a new place in the country, but some days it feels like a pipe dream. Anyways, good luck!


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