Friday, September 23, 2011

Chicken adventures: dealing with our first broody hen.

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I wrote earlier this week about our sneaky hen South who was hiding. Well after a few days of her hiding all day everyday. I decided to get to the bottom of it. What pushed me was finding two eggs in one day. Wait! I thought I only had one girl laying and I caught her (West) in the act.

I found South (the smallest of the bunch) way under the shed and pecking at me once she was found. I left her and kept checking every hour or so until she finally come out! She was broody and had two eggs she was "hatching". We pulled out the eggs and placed wood and large rocks so she couldn't get back under the shed. Who would have thought that our first layer would be the smallest of the bunch. I know she was the first because West has always laid inside the shed right in front of the nesting box and we found our first egg outside right in front of where South was "nesting". At least we figured it out and now have two girls laying! We managed to deal with our first broody hen! whoo hoo!

After all of this I realized that South is my baby and I really don't think I will let her be in a stew pot...she has a stand out personality and I helped her back to life, story here. As much of a snot as she is...she will always and forever be my favorite chicken!

Here is an article I read to help figure out what to do with our broody hen: broody hen

Oh and Happy first day of Fall!

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