Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicken update

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For the last few weeks I have been so concerned for our little runt of a chick named South. She was having trouble walking and not growing for the longest time and I was so worried she wasn't going to make it. After many conversations with friends about what to do and a visit to Wilbur's, we started letting her be on her own for a few hours every day. Which meant I had to take our other girls outside and play with them and leave her to herself with some milk soaked chick starter. It was hard on me because she is my favorite and she seemed so sick, but it was a good reminder for me that they are livestock and I can't get to attached. I knew the other girls were not really picking on her because I keep a pretty close eye on them. We think she may have been stepped on or something.

This is her now...up and running around with the big girls and holding her own. You can see is still has some catching up to do in size but she is much much better.

Here is North the biggest of our girls, you can see the real difference in size when you see these two girls next to each other. North was a momma in all of this, she kept an eye on South and let her snuggle under her at night. I guess being a mother is an instinct after all. East and West are like twins, always together and protecting each other. I also can't tell them apart, but the Doctor can. South will need to stay inside with us probably a couple extra weeks, but at least she is doing better. The other girls get to go outside in a little over a week and we are all excited. I know they are dying to be in a bigger coop and be able to eat bugs whenever they want. I will get some pics of the coop up when it is finished along with some info on how we did it.

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Zoey said...

Great post, Jennie! I can't wait to see the coop and keep up with the chick adventures. :)

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