Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: Week 5

Please note this blog is no longer updated. (Click here to find my new blog address).

Tie 31- Triangle Slingback

Tie 32- Braided version of Baylee's Diamond slingback

Tie 33- From the garden into my Sseko's-This is another variation of the Classic that you start from the outside front loop.

Tie 34- Tirzah's Zebra Tie

Tie 35- Start with a Bow/End with a Bow Tie

Tie 36- Braided Triangle

Tie 37- Woven Slingback
Well I am past my original goal and still going strong. I know now that next year I can definitely make it for 4 months. Thanks to all of you who voted from me and congrats to Kim from oh sweet joy for winning last weeks peoples choice! This is the last week of the contest and I keep telling myself not to be disappointed if I don't win because that's not the reason I started this thing. I started it to share the Sseko story without even knowing that they had a contest. Of course it would be fun to win! :) Happy Tuesday...I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

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