Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Easter grass: updated

My mom found this great idea at Carissa's Creativity Space. Its really easy, fun for kids and cute! Basically you are growing wheat grass so you could also add it to a smoothie when your done using it for its cute purpose. Its so quick to grow, the first and second pictures were only taken a day apart, and this morning its even taller. We made two to place on the table for decoration. The little guy really enjoied helping.

So here we go:
Buy some wheat berries, we got them at Fred Meyer's bulk section. We soaked them for a few minutes before we "planted" them. Spread at least a half inch of moist potting soil in the container you plan on using. Then sprinkle soaked wheat berries over the top, we placed cling wrap over the top to keep the moisture in. Make sure to give it air though otherwise you might develop mold. Keep them moist but not soaking. In a few days they will sprout and start growing. Check out her post for more info.

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