Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to clean your house in about 30 minutes a day or less

...unless you can do it under 30 minutes a day...right? :)

I got this idea from apartmenttherapy.com (click to check out there list) and loved it. So I made a few adjustments to fit our house and added some days of rest. We do our laundry and dishes everyday, so I left them out.

1. Change and wash sheets and towels, vacuum
2. Sweep and mop great room (or everything if you don't have a "great" room) and wash rugs.
3. Clean bathrooms
4. Take a rest; put your feet up and relax
5. Clean extra bedrooms
6. Clean entry way and stairs
7. Dust everything
8. Change and wash sheets and towels, vacuum
9. Sweep, shake out rugs
10. Clean car
11. Deep clean kitchen, the stove, baseboards, etc.
12. Clean laundry area
13. Clean showers
14. Clean bathrooms
15. Clean bedrooms
16. Change and wash sheets and towels, vacuum
17. Take a rest; put your feet up and relax
18. Sweep and mop great room.
19. File paperwork
20. Dust everything
21. Clean bathrooms
22. Sweep, shake out rugs
23. Wash blankets and vacuum curtains
24. Dust blinds, clean fans, vacuum couches
25. Change and wash sheets and towels, vacuum
26. Wash and vacuum baseboards
27. Sweep and mop great room.
28. Take a rest; put your feet up and relax
29. Wipe out fridge and purge old food
30. Reorganize something (pantry, linen closet, etc.)
31. Choose a seasonal chore (clean the fireplace, clean the porches, etc.)

The first month it will probably take more time since some of the stuff has not been done in awhile. I wanted to make sure somethings got done once a week, while others only once or twice a month. We are lucky and have a huge house but it makes cleaning overwhelming sometimes. With this I can get something done everyday. Plus I look at the list and I think...hmmm...I only have to get one thing done today, I hope it helps!


Stoney Acres said...

We are lucky in that are kids are getting older and are able to help a lot more around the house. The two younger still make more mess than they clean up, but the teenagers are pretty good to help and that makes things go a lot faster.

Kallie said...

What a list! I would be too overwhelmed. The only list I make is my skinroutine for every week.xx

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