Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rescue mission complete!

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So the Doctor was home for lunch and went to check out the garden, which he almost always does without fail...he came back inside to tell me that he found an iguana in one of the trees. Of course I didn't believe him but he pulled me outside anyway. He thought it was a possum...the one that was probably terrorizing the chickens...but much to my surprise about 15-20 feet up there he was a GIANT iguana...an IGUANA!

Its Northern California...not a natural habitat for an iguana...so we knew he had to be someones. I'll let you all know now that I am extremely scared of all lizards...I don't know why and I don't mean to offend, but I am. We decided to call a friend who has a snake and other animals to ask her if she knew what to do or anyone who might want to keep him until we find his owner. I also posted on facebook asking about it and checked craigslist, as much as I hate technology sometimes...its nice when these random things happen.

Then we got a call saying our old neighbors, had lost there pet iguana right before they moved almost a month ago. Eventually our friends who lost an iguana showed up with his cage along another friend who now has him as a pet. By the time they got here I had lost track of where he was because he climbed down the tree...but we found him! Perched atop the chain length fence munching on leaves. He did not want to be found or captured but its for the best, he would have never made it come winter.

Now he is safe and sound and I don't have to worry about going into the garden. It would have been just my luck...heading out to put the girls (chickens) in one night and tripping over him...the scream would have shocked the entire neighborhood.

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