Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/15-8/22 2011

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Tomatoes and zucchini

More zucchini

more tomatoes

making sauce and showing more tomatoes

making zucchini pickles...recipe to follow in a few weeks

our busy stove top...reducing sauce, making more sauce, and canning the zucchini pickles.
I didn't add all the pictures of tomatoes this week because it seemed a little boring...but there were about 4 more full baskets that we harvested. I also forgot to get a picture of the green bell peppers we harvest...only 4. This weekend we started making sauce and realized that we were going to have to make two batches when the pot was full and we had only cut a little under half of the tomatoes. We are at 63 pints of marinara sauce this year so far and that is not counting the two batches of sauce we made this weekend...I still have not canned them because one is still on the stove. We also had some extra zucchini, like everyone does, so we decided to try a zucchini pickles recipe. I'm also proud to share that for the first time in about two months my entire kitchen counter isn't covered in tomatoes...only 11! yeah!


Allison at Novice Life said...

Gosh I wish I had all those tomatos to do canning with!

Nice harvest!

~Holly~ said...

Looks like you've been busy!! I wish I had some tomatoes to can!! I've been busy with cucumbers and peaches.

Barbie said...

I love your counter covered in tomatoes- but I think I am most impressed if you can actually have all three of those going on your stove top without goofing up any of them, that takes TALENT!

Prairie Cat said...

Oh my! If you were looking for anyone to 'help' you keep your counter clear of tomatoes... I might be willing to take some off of your hands.

Ben Czajkowski said...

Wow, tomato sauce city! I'm sure you're going to find a great use for all of it! Over 60 pints of it just blows my mind.

TEAM DEAN said...

Thank you all so much for the feedback! I am currently having problems commenting on other blogs and working on trying to get it worked out. Sorry that i have not commented on your blogs...I want to! The Doctor and I have been working on starting a marinara sauce company for 3-4 years now but because we are perfectionists we will not start selling it until it is perfect. This is why we have some many tomato plants...we are working of finding the perfect variteies for our sauce and seeing what cross-pollination can do for us! :)

Daphne said...

Nice tomato harvest. I've finally gotten enough canned that I don't need more. Thank goodness my tomatoes have slowed down.

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