Monday, August 1, 2011

30 days 30 ways Sseko Sandal Challenge: The beginning

Please note this blog is no longer updated. (Click here to find my new blog address).

First off I would like to thank Sseko Designs for these lovely new starboard straps, I won them in a contest they had through facebook!

Today starts my 30 days 30 ways challenge. The little guy and I headed out this morning for a walk to the grocery store sporting the classic tie. I will be posting a weeks worth of ties every Monday, and on the 31st day I will show off my favorite tie. I will admit that I won't be wearing them in the garden or chicken coop...I want them to stay pretty, but everywhere else I will be sporting my Ssekos all month long! Join me!

PS: Sseko will be holding a 30 days 30 ways challenge through facebook this month too!

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