Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sseko style

First chance to wear them this year...I love my Sseko's!
I am loving the weather up here, spring is spring not crazy hot! I am still working on finding a great spot to take photos with natural light that works well. It takes time and the camera I am using is missing the charger so I now basically have no camera except one on my phone. Not a necessity of life by any means though. I am working on remembering how to re-tie all the ties I came up with last summer so I can create how to videos. If you have not already checked out Sseko Designs, you really should. There are an amazing not-for-profit helping women and they create beautiful sandals and clutches.

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Prairie Cat said...

Those are really cute! Thanks for the link to that website, I have enjoyed looking through everything. I wouldn't be able to wear those types of shoes on an everyday basis, since I tend to tromp through mud and our livestock poo... but it might be worth it to pick some up for a going out occasion!

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