Monday, December 12, 2011

Harvest Monday 12/6-12/12 2011

one little borage flower
We had lots of salads this week. We also had one with tomatoes! Crazy, they did not taste very good but they still gave us nutrition. Any more that ripen will go to the girls (chickens). We are still getting 4 eggs a day and I hope that continues. I cannot wait for our root veggies to be ready along with brassicas. We picked up 2 lbs of apples from the farmers market this weekend from our favorite apple farm that is only 15.5 miles from our house. We love there pink lady apples and get them every year to give as part of our Christmas gift. We are really lucky where we live because we can get almost everything locally.

Happy Harvest Monday! We are linking up with Daphne's dandelions, a place to check out what others around the world are harvesting.

Salad greens, a mix of claytonia, mache, red romaine, deertongue lettuce and chives

Some cherry tomatoes from our volunteer plant that is still producing


Stoney Acres said...

Everything looks great!! I'm sure the hens will appreciate the tomatoes. They never taste as good this time of year. We are usually able to keep tomatoes in the the garage until about Christmas. Then we just give up on fresh tomatoes until July. It's not worth buying them from the store, the store ones are worst than none at all!!

Mary Hysong said...

wow, lots of tomatoes, great for Dec! Is that a blue borage flower in your salad mix? or perhaps a violet? My violets are blooming in the greenhouse.

Dave said...

That is a great looking mix of salad greens!

Norma Chang said...

Nice salad mix and tomatoes. I love garden volunteers.

My Urban Gardens said...

My family loves pink lady apples! I don't know of anywhere to get them locally around here, though. Too bad your tomatoes didn't taste as good as they look. I hope your girls like the next batch if you get them.


kitsapFG said...

Where are you located that you are still getting tomatoes? I looked around on your side bar info but did not find anything that listed your growing region or area. Just curious since it appears you are enjoying some continued warm weather crops.

Lovely greens and those cherry tomatoes look wonderful. If they don't taste all that sweet they do add some color!

TEAM DEAN said...

I agree about store bought tomatoes, that is another reason why we grew so maybe plants this year. We ended up with 185 pints of marinara sauce.

We are in zone 7B so it is surprising that we still have a tomato plant producing.

It is a blue borage flower, I was surprised to see a flower on the plant because it was abused by our landscaper (he does the lawn and gets the leaves) to many times and I finally gave up on trying to nurse it back to life...but then low and behold a flower!

We love the pink lady apples and if you are even in the area during apple season you have to check out this little apple farm. You can pick your own. Noble Apple Orchards in Paradise, CA. :)

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