Friday, December 30, 2011

Canned goods total 2011

Spicy pickled green beans with cauliflower

Chicken (turkey) stock

Zucchini pickles

Half gallon jars of CircleFive marinara sauce

We did a lot of canning this year but I hope to can even more next year.

Marinara- 185 pints
Pomegranate sauce- 1 half pint and eight 4 oz jars
Demi glace- twenty two 4 oz jars
Bloodymary mix- 6 and a half pints
Zucchini pickles- 8 pints
Spicy pickled green beans with cauliflower- 7 quarts
Chicken and turkey stock- 50 pints ish...I didn't keep a log in the beginning of the year.

Stay tuned for our next years goals...
and have a Happy New Year!


Morgan said...

You guys are so amazing! I'm impressed!

Mary Hysong said...

Excellent! Where in the world did you find half gallon canning jars? I didn't think they made them anymore.

TEAM DEAN said...

We got the half gallon jars at orchard hardware supply. they are really big and we will most likely have to re-can then into smaller jars.

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