Monday, November 28, 2011

Harvest Monday 11/22-11/28 2011

Not much to write about from this week. We were very busy making Thanksgiving dinner and only really harvested herbs for the meal and eggs. We were trying to let the lettuces have a chance to grow a little and this week will be full of salads and greens. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and I will be writing about it sometime this week. We hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

We are linking up with daphne's dandelions, so go check out other harvests from the past week! :)

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Mary Hysong said...

Well any garden has ups and downs. I've got plenty of lettuce coming on which is good, I think I am just about at a point that when the newest plantings start coming in I might have a bit to share with my kids. Then I'll figure out how many sq. feet that is so I'll know for next year.

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