Saturday, June 25, 2011

our first garden bounty...a yummy meal

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I (the Doctor speaking) have been so blessed as to have toured the world.  Each time it was under the guise of the culinary arts.  I have taken so many opportunities to taste, eat, and enjoy.  The most pleasurable was a recent experience here, at home.

We just harvested our first fist full of potatoes (this all happened a couple of weeks ago).  I (the doctor) harvested a few Crook Necks and Zucchini, and ran down to the market for a nice Tomato.  Little did I know I had just started the preparation of the single greatest tasting meal I ever had.

Sautéed in butter and fine olive oil starting first with the potatoes, we added the squashes, tomatoes and the herbs (Savory, French Thyme, Marjoram and Thai Basil). As soon as the aromatics came to, I cut the heat and seasoned with salt and a little pepper.


Perhaps it was the day, my appetite, or longing for that first garden family meal. We think it was finally realizing just how closely tied to the food we are…especially when we grow it.

All the best to you and your food adventures!

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junglej said...

So well put John, I agree

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