Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to make an old t-shirt into a reusable bag

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I got this great idea from a fellow blogger, The blue spot! Check out the link for a video. I used a new t-shirt that the Doctor got me as a joke gift and I have never worn. I kept meaning to turn this shirt into a bag but always put it off, then I read her blog post and got inspired!

What you need:
a mixing bowl
a pen or pencil

Its really very simple, start by sewing the bottom of the shirt closed. I turned it inside out first and since I don't have a sewing machine, I switched across twice.

Lay the shirt flat, and smooth it out well. Then using the mixing bowl trace around the neck to create a larger opening and cut off the sleeves.

Voila, its done! I'm planning on trying to work on using the sleeves to create a pocket. Think how many you could make and just put in your would never have to use a plastic bag again!

1 comment:

Karen said...

And they are washable, unlike other resuable bags!

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