Monday, May 2, 2011

I hate these little buggers!

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Can you see the difference? I weeded one plot and the other plot is full of these crazy little flowers. Our neighbor told us that he watered them last year thinking they were beans and then realized how big of a mistake that was. They are actually a type of flower that is like a ground cover. They completely take over. We have been pulling hundreds and hundreds every weekend and by the next weekend they are all back! So frustrating but we have to try to keep them at bay and hope that soon we will get them all! Any suggestions on other ways to get rid of them without killing the plants we want would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some of our tomato and bell pepper seedlings. We already have 29 tomatoes and 6 bell peppers planted in the ground but these little guys are still a bit small for the ground. We are planning on planting the corn and soybeans next weekend. Along with more tomatoes and bell peppers. Happy monday to you all!

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Karen said...

If your veggie seeds are all up I'd get a big box of Preen pre-emergent and sprinkle it around. It creates a barrier that prevents seeds from sprouting, hence no more weeds.

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