Thursday, April 7, 2011

feeling blessed

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We feel so lucky to live where we live. Its a beautiful house with a beautiful yard in the most amazing neighborhood. Spring has sprung here in Chico and our yard is filled with it! Flowers everywhere and more coming up daily. Bees buzzing and hummingbirds humming. Cheesy, I know.

We have nature all around us not only in our yard but our neighborhood has the creek coming along side of it and if you drive over the bridge you are in the thick of the orchards. I get to drive over water and through the orchards 4 times a day and I enjoy it every time. The little guy loves it too, especially when I drive through a big puddle and it splashes all over the car. Our home is an older home and it has weird little things here and there that tell its age, along with the huge trees. I love looking out the window as I'm washing dishes to watch the trees swaying. We also have amazing neighbors, very helpful and generous.

We spent pretty much all weekend in the garden digging, planting, and watering, over and over and over again. We got Missouri Bills pole beans (for soups), Blue Lake green pole beans, Brandywine and Skorospelka tomato started in seed starters inside, a second crop of onions, West African millet, 3 types of sunflowers, charentais cantalope, carrots, kabouli black garbanzo beans, holstein bush beans (also for soups), and garden green beans the bush type seeds planted in the ground. We also tranplanted our starts of dill, lavendar, sweet marjaram, valerian, thai basil, chives, parlsey, french thyme, zuccini, crock neck yellow squash, rhubarb, artichoke, and swiss chard. We were both tired and a little sun-touched Monday. Part of me is dreading this coming weekend because I know we will be back out there digging, planting and watering and probably most weekends from now on, but I also know that its worth it!

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