Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our New Favorite bedtime story, an old classic lullaby.

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I have been reading the same few bedtime stories to the little guy for awhile now and I kept checking the library for new ones that he would like. I have Goodnight Moon, Big Red Barn, Goodnight California, and Its Time for Bed. He likes all of them but he was getting sick of the same old thing and so was I. He likes to be read at least 3 books before bed at night. I had a few people recommend Goodnight Gorilla and we now have it too, but I still wanted more of a selection. Then at the library I came across Hush Little Baby, the wonderful lullaby we all know, but this is a new version.

In a note on the last page, the writer Sylvia Long,  talks about being a mother and being bothered by the original version, how "In it, a mama offers her baby comfort by promising to buy him or her all sorts of things (a mockingbird, a diamond ring, horse, and cart, etc.). It seems much healthier to encourage children to find comfort in the natural things around them and the warmth of a mother's love." I agree with her and we are both enjoying singing it together every night. When he has this book he now opens it up and starts humming. I would recommend this book for every family. Check out Barnes and Noble online for it and you should be able to get a used copy shipped to your door.
Enjoy this sunshine...I'll be heading out to pull weeds in the garden. :)

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