Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The tulip festival 2012

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pure beauty
ducky races

My silly little guy was giving me a slow motion kiss

driving the John Deere, sound effects and all

We had an amazing adventure...we headed off for the tulip festival this morning with my parents, hoping for no rain. It was beautiful, the little guy had so much fun. They have so much for the kids, ducky races, slides, bouncy house, tire swings shaped like tractors/horses, tractors, and even a train with the cars painted into cows! Its shocking seeing so many tulips in bloom at the same time and we were not even there for the craziness. It looks like a lot in the pictures and it is but there are still fields and fields waiting to bloom. The little guy had his first carnival (festival) food, a hot dog, us adults had brawts instead. He took a short nap in the car ride home and we spent the afternoon in the wood shop helping grandpa with his project. A great day!

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charity said...

YAY! Looks like SO much fun! :) I wish we had something like that down here!

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