Monday, September 19, 2011

Harvest Monday 9/13-9/19 2011

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Millet, green bell peppers, tomatoes, Thia basil and regular basil

Green beans from our second crop, zucchini

more tomatoes

the first egg our girls laid! We got a second two days later.

We are slowly taking out the tomato plants that are not really producing anymore (ten this week) but we are still get enough to make about a batch a week. They have really slowed down and I now know that we really probably only have a few weeks left. Change is good and I am now looking forward to fall...the cooler temps as of late reminded me how nice it will be to have fall here...even if it means no more tomatoes.

I am so excited that the girls started laying...well at least one of them. We just need one more egg and we can all have breakfast together! hehheh. Funny story...I have been out checking about every hour trying to catch the chicken who is laying. Then the other day I went out and we had only three chickens....I freaked out. At first I was I just not seeing the 4th one?

There were no signs of a chicken being taken, no holes to get out of the outside portion of the coop. So we looked everywhere and then started asking neighbors. About 40 mins later, we decided there was nothing we could do...and then low and behold....she reappeared in the coop. We think she found her way under the shed. So now the outside portion of the coop has a large rock blocking their little secret hideout! Silly girls and of course it was South who did it...she is so sneaky. Since she is the one we all nursed back to health, she pulls on my heartstrings a little more even if she is the biggest brat of them all.

Anyhow...Happy Monday. We are linking up with Daphne's Dandelions for harvest monday! So go check out what other people all over are harvesting this week!


Karen said...

I wonder if there is a nest with eggs under the coop....silly South...maybe she wants to raise her own little flock!

Stoney Acres said...

Our hens get to free range an hour or so before sundown each day. They usually all find their way back to the coop as the sun sets. A few weeks back I discovered one missing and we feared a hawk had grabbed her. After 45 minuets of searching we found her perched at the very top of one of our trees. It took a long reach from the top of our tall ladder to get her down and in the coop. Dang chickens, at least they are laying now!

Veggie PAK said...

Good looking harvests! Congrats on the first egg! I think to have chickens in the city would be great for fertilizing the garden as well as getting the eggs. Just can't convince my wife though.

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