Saturday, October 22, 2011

Raising Cornish Cross Chicks: Update

We are a little over four weeks into raising the Cornish cross chicks and they are so big we are thinking sometime next week it will have to deal with processing them. This last week we started taking the food away from them at night because after doing more research we thought it might be best for them. The info is about 50-50 on the subject, they seem so so hungry in the morning it is hard to want to take it away from them at night but I also know that they are getting plenty of food. They are now eating the "layer" food we have for our girls. We ran out the other day because they eat so much and I remembered the feed store owner saying it was fine to just give them the other stuff. The are still in their cage but we moved the cage into the chicken coop because the poop was to much to handle on our house anymore. I have been pitchforking the crap out of the coop everyday! I am filling their food 2-3 times during the day and I fill their water 4-5 times.

We get most of our info from's forum, we just searched Cornish cross chick(ens). I have been unable to really find any info anywhere else. That is why I thought I would write little updates along the way so that other people can get some answers...feel free to ask questions.

This is me headed out to check the chicks one last time in our pitchblack back yard. Yes I have two head lamps on and a lantern...the doctor told me he would get me a new headlamp.


becky3086 said...

I would not butcher them at 5 weeks. I would wait 8 weeks myself. They put on a lot of weight in the last few weeks. I too have fed mine laying mash and they seem to do fine with it. I still have 3 big, big birds in my pen. It is my experiment to see if I can hatch their eggs and see how long they will live. I have one roo and two hens still living that I bought in the spring.

TEAM DEAN said...

We got 6 for thanksgiving dinner and we only have 6 people coming. They are so big and I know that they are at least a serving size. I read that you cannot hatch cornish cross chicks from them because of the way they breed them. They are running out of space and if we try to create a encloser inside the coop they will end up laying in their own flith all the time since they are at the point where they barely get up to walk around. That is why we feel it is time to process them...instead of putting them through any more discomfort. We will not be raising anymore of this breed...only dual purpose for us in the future. Thank you for input...I am still learning and love all the help I can get.

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